About Betty Blocks

Betty Blocks is the leading no-code application development platform in the world. As the only, truly no-code platform based in the cloud, Betty Blocks enables you to build complex, enterprise-grade applications efficiently and effectively. With the focus on the people, Betty Blocks’ no-code platform empowers any organization to experiment towards the right solution and take control of their digital transformation.

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The Courses

Citizen Development Basics

This course is perfect for people who want to understand the process of developing and implementing ideation. At the end, you know how to make application ideas reality. Suitable for tech savvy people.

Citizen Development Advanced

This course is a deepdive in what you’ve learned during the basics training. At the end you will be able to create a very simple application with Betty Blocks. For people who have successfully finished the Citizen Developer Basics Course.

No-Code Developer Basics

At the end of this course you understand the fundamentals of the platform. You can act, think, and execute as a basic full stack developer. For people who have analytical skills and know about programming logic.

No-Code Developer Advanced

During this course, we will focus on creating a customer-facing application. We will focus on on the business logic and default components of the UI builder. Suitable for people who have successfully finished the No-Code Developer Basics course.

Experienced Developer

This is the most comprehensive and in-depth course. You will learn all the ins-and-outs of the platform at a high level. Suitable for experienced frontend- and backend developers.