No-Code Developer Advanced

This course is for anyone who wants to further develop their skills after finishing the No-Code Developer Basics course. In this course, you will create a customer-facing application with Betty Blocks. During the course, we will focus on the business logic and the default components of the UI-builder. At the end of this course, you are able to create a customer-facing application from scratch.

This course is for

People who have successfully finished the No-Code Developer Basics course.

Entree level

  • A thorough understanding of the No-Code Developer Basics program.

Learning Trail

With your new
no-code developer skills you....

Are able to build complete applications

Can build applications that interact with each other

Know how to align the business with the IT department

Can secure your application

The Program

In 5 days we will teach you all the ins-and-outs of becoming an advanced no-code developer. We will end the course with an exam. The full schedule is divided as following:

Price per person

$ 3399