The Betty Blocks Academy

No-code is quickly becoming the new standard in application development. Developing with the no-code platform Betty Blocks means that you are capable of building and editing applications extremely fast. Because of the visual way of working, application development becomes easy and accessible for non-IT people. By involving these people in the development process, you are able to build enterprise applications that are perfectly in line with the needs of the end user.

Although no-code application development is an easily understood development method, there’s still a learning curve. Depending on what your role will be in the process, we have crafted various courses. Five to be exact, which are tailor-made for different uses and levels. The five courses are:

  • Citizen Development Basics
  • Citizen Development Advanced
  • No-Code Developer Basics
  • No Code Developer Advanced
  • Experienced Developer

In their core, the courses are the same, but the approach and end result will vary widely. For example, the citizen development courses are focused on ideation and creating ideas, while the Experienced Developer course goes deeply into building enterprise applications with Betty Blocks from start to finish.

Betty Blocks Developer Courses

There are 3 types of Betty Blocks Developers. A Citizen Developer, No-Code Developer & Experienced Developer. Each of them have their own specialities.

Course Levels

The Citizen & No-Code Developer types are divided into two courses, a Basics and Advanced course. To take the Advanced course, the Basic course must be taken first.

The Courses

The Power of Betty Blocks in Action