Governance Guidelines Tip 2

Create a Centralized Citizen Developer Command Center

There needs to be centralized accountability for a citizen development program, where all activity will be monitored and managed. This office (in many cases, housed within the IT department) will own the governance strategy, and be responsible for monitoring and ensuring that all citizen development activities follow the regulations of other parts of the organization, and integrations with other systems in use. This office will direct the citizen development program in full, and via the following suggested responsibilities:


Maintain the citizen development policy and guidelines.


Aggregate and provide



Organize activities, trainings, and otherwise facilitate a community forcitizen developers.


Assume responsibility for managing the platforms and systems that citizen developers use to build, independently and in coordination with the organization’s existing IT portfolio.


Catalog, maintain, and publish a list of relevant data services and APIs.


Report on the status of the program to internal and external stakeholders.

The key to success is multidiscipinary teams in general, and close collaboration with IT specifically. Organizations where the IT department assumes responsibility for the sanctioned use of a platform on which citizen developers can work, there should be multidisciplinary teams of both IT professionals as well as business liaison officers to make the initiative a success.