Governance Guidelines Tip 4

Train Citizen Developers

A key part of the support and services citizen developers will require to be successful is training. There are 2 pillars that form the basis of citizen development training:


The first training pillar serves to establish and qualify who can be considered a citizen developer. This preliminary training should serve two objectives, with the first being purely educational. An initial training should introduce citizen developers to basic concepts, expectations and how citizen development fits into their organization. This will include training in any software, platform or tooling. Citizen developers will also need to be briefed on relevant data lists and connected systems. The second objective is to pass an assessment before gaining access to platforms and data and to begin developing.


Continuous training thereafter will ensure that citizen developers are not only receiving the support that they need, but that they are offered opportunities for growth and to learn new skills that will allow them to contribute applications of increasingly greater value to the organization. Some of this training will be formal workshops, but hackathons and community events to promote skills sharing are also key.