5 Reasons Why We Want To Get Behind The Stripes

Once we checked out AtlUtd.com, we became fans instantly. Seeing so many similarities between our brand values, we couldn’t help but combine them.

Never go home when you’re having fun

We’re an accessible club of friends who do our work with great passion and pleasure, always as a team. Also, we throw crazy parties. Like your pillars of Unity and Community, working at Betty Blocks is way more than showing up from 9-5 everyday. In the office we work together toward worldwide domination of the software industry, but after hours we’re still truly a family who plays hard and welcomes everyone to join with open arms.

We play in the Champions League

We have a healthy winning mentality and like to score. Taking the extra step to achieve our goals, and the goals of our clients, is a way of life. We strive for Excellence in everything we do, and our Determination is unmatched (except, perhaps, by Atlanta United FC).

We’re always learning

We’re an ambitious bunch and committed to continuously improving ourselves and finding new ways to grow. That’s how we move forward and break the status quo! Innovation is all about curiosity, and it’s our middle name (well, our driver’s license says it’s ‘Gerardis’ but that’s not as cool…)!

Just keep it down to earth

We work hard and stay humble. No fuss or fancy talk, just do it. Yeah, we have out-of-this-world ambitions, but at the end of the day, it’s always about doing what’s best for the team. We put our egos aside to get things done.

And we have a lot more in common!