Meet Your Citizen Developer

Who are these unsung heroes? They’re called Citizen Developers, and now is the time to let them rise to the challenge.

The Citizen Developer [LINK] is a user who builds applications to facilitate the processes of business operations while following the development guidelines of IT. Unlike a professional developer, they may not have formal training in programming, and developing may not be part of their actual job description. They think of creative ideas to improve areas of business such as customer relationship management, internal operations and product development.

A fabulous title

But citizen developers need a platform. Not only does a no-code platform give citizen developers the resource they need to build applications and innovate within the organization, but a unified system is also crucial to ensure that all activities are sanctioned by IT. Citizen Developers use the platform to build and deploy applications, while IT and other stakeholders can easily share information, projects, and see an overview of the work.

Betty Blocks is a cloud-based platform where users build applications using a drag-and-drop interface, with no coding needed whatsoever. It is the first no-code platform to be ISO27001 certified, making it optimally secure and well-suited to enterprise organizations. Because it is entirely in the cloud, IT departments can easily monitor all applications from a single controlled environment.

A fabulous title

Because of the platform’s ease of use (yet powerful capabilities), it is now possible for citizen developers to rise from the shadows and be the force organizations need to drive digital transformations forward, and alleviate the burden on IT departments that are stretched too thin.

So how do you find them?