Why Do We Write?

Our goal with every piece of content is to educate readers (from every persona and industry) about the power of no-code and Citizen Development -- and to promote our vision that anyone can build an application. With this we establish ourselves as thought leaders.

For the Citizen Developer

Citizen Developers are the future of application development, and no-code is their tool (you'll read more about that in the Brand Book). But they need more than that in their quest for world domination, and that’s where content comes in. Citizen Developers need what we all need: love. Support. To be heard and understood. And kickass content to help them along the way.

Betty Blocks’ BHAG is that by 2023, the New York Times will write about Betty Blocks as a thought leader in the disruption of the IT industry.

To Achieve Thought Leadership

While we do want to shout from the rooftops how cool no-code is, we want to avoid propaganda and self-promotion. We spread knowledge. We educate. We brand ourselves and our content with thoughtful commentary and current topics, rather than by writing about why everyone should buy Betty Blocks (but hey, they probably should).

We want simply stamping our logo on a whitepaper or eGuide to be enough to label ourselves as thought leaders and no-code visionaries.

I'm concentrating very hard at writing smart things.