as a Platform

These are the brand values and characteristics of the no-code application development platform Betty Blocks.

The Brand Values of the No-Code Platform

Easy-to-use for businesses

The easy-to-use no-code platform to build complex business applications with a straightforward way of working.

Technology for Humans

We approach technology from a human point of view, so every human can build applications.

An Innovation-Driven Platform

The Betty Blocks no-code platform gives every user the tools to drive innovation in every organisation.

The Characteristics
of the Platform

This suits us best

Helpful - Hulpvaardig

Human - Menselijk

Inventive - Vindingrijk

Kind - Friendly - Vriendelijk

Open-Minded - Ruimdenkend

Quick - Snel

Idealistic - Idealistisch

Straight Forward - Rechtdoorzee

Studious - Leergierig

Betty Blocks as our People