as an Organization

These are the brand values and characteristics of the organization Betty Blocks.

The Brand Values of the Organization

A Family Business
with Dutch Roots

We are a joyful and cheerful group of friends who are passionate about what we do. We are helpful and committed to each other and totally supportive of being completely yourself.

Helpful with a Personal Approach

The human is in the center of everything we do. With a down to earth, open-minded and most of all a pragmatic view, we look at the world of technology and innovation.

Global with Local Presence

As an organization with Dutch roots we are globally based in the US, UK, and the Netherlands. A local presence is the most important way to show our genuine personal support to our customers.

The Characteristics
of the Organization

This suits us best

Human - Menselijk

Open-Minded - Ruimdenkend

Adventurous - Avontuurlijk

Ambitious - Ambitieus

Eager - Ijverig

Enterprising - Ondernemend

Growing - Groeiend

Informal - Informeel

Inventive - Vindingrijk

Kind - Friendly - Vriendelijk

Proud - Trots

Betty Blocks as a Platform