This is who we are

The Culture of Betty Blocks

Why the name Betty Blocks?

With our roots in a small village in the Netherlands, where a community of farmers instilled the traditional values of working hard and staying down-to-earth.

These values are the foundation of our company culture as well, and were inspired by the local agricultural industry -- Betsy is a popular name for Dutch cows. We ultimately chose Betty instead. The second part of our name refers to our proposition to build business applications with visual modeling of pre-programmed ‘blocks.’

We are Betty Blocks

Our Betty Blocks company culture is something what makes us proud.

We think we are a easygoing, energetic and hard working group of friends and family who are passionate about the thing we do: making application development as simple as riding a bike.

Ambitious, eager and enthusiastic, but always willing to push the boundaries of innovation for our customers.

This is where we stand for:
Our Culture Values

Never go home when you’re having fun

We’re an accessible club of friends who do our work with great passion and pleasure, always as a team. Also, we throw crazy parties.

We play in the Champions League

We have a healthy winning mentality and like to score. Taking the extra step to achieve our goals, and the goals of our clients, is normal for us.

We’re always learning

We are ambitious and want to continuously improve ourselves and find new ways to grow. That’s how we move forward and break the status quo!

Just keep it down to earth

We work hard and stay humble. No fuss or fancy talk, just do it.

An introduction of the brand
Betty Blocks