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Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal

By 2023, anyone can build an application

The Betty Blocks Story

The future of our story is strongly connected to our history. It all began in 2007, with two Dutch brothers who were always searching for new solutions to their entrepreneuring challenges (in their parents’ attic, true start-up style). At one point the older brother - who didn’t have any knowledge of programming - got fed up and yelled,

“How is it possible that technology is actually holding me back from reaching my goal? Why can’t I build business applications by myself, without learning a difficult programming language?”

Younger brother Chris, not one to back down from a challenge, accepted the task. And with a battle cry of “Game on,” Betty Blocks, the world’s #1 no-code application development platform, was born.

This is our vision

In a world about to be devoured by software, we believe that the future of business innovation lies in the hands of humans, not systems. The human touch is what sparks innovation in IT development.

We want to remove technology as a barrier to innovation, because enabling every human to contribute to IT is at the center of everything we do. That is why we want to make building complex enterprise grade applicationsas easy as riding a bike.

This is our mission

We help businesses optimize their human potential in IT by giving more employees the tools to develop business applications that sparks the innovation in every business.

The no-code development platform Betty Blocks provide every citizen developer - the tech savvy business professional - to build their own complex applications together with an IT department without the knowledge of a difficult programming language.

Why the name Betty Blocks?

With our roots in a small village in the Netherlands, where a community of farmers instilled the traditional values of working hard and staying down-to-earth.

These values are the foundation of our company culture as well, and were inspired by the local agricultural industry -- Betsy is a popular name for Dutch cows. We ultimately chose Betty instead. The second part of our name refers to our proposition to build business applications with visual modeling of pre-programmed ‘blocks.’

This is us

Our Betty Blocks company culture is something what makes us proud.

We think we are a easygoing, energetic and hard working group of friends and family who are passionate about the thing we do: making application development as simple as riding a bike.

Ambitious, eager and enthusiastic, but always willing to push the boundaries of innovation for our customers.

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