Wrapping up

So now you’re hyped to begin your digital transformation. But before you take action, make sure you’re asking yourself the right questions so that you set yourself up for the most successful strategy possible.

Some questions to get you thinking:

How much learning and training is required to utilize the technology that will power your digital transformation?

How much return on investment does this technology provide?

What is the value of the technology for the organization? For the employees, the customers?

Step by step

Making steps in your digital transformation starts with understanding what your organization needs to innovate. Before making any investments or carrying out any changes, it is crucial to do 2 things: First, evaluate the needs of the people in your company. And second, consider the realistic possibilities for improvement.

One golden rule is clear: carrying out your digital transformation by focusing on people rather than systems is the way to go.

By now you know why no-code is the way to go. Want to find out more about the Betty Blocks no-code platform and how it suits your business case? Discover our feature videos and platform demo right here: